DALI-2 digital lighting controller,Can be used with various DALI-2 peripheral products

Model number: DLC-02

contact person:林簡松 (0920422525)
product categoryhealthy lighting,classroom lighting,hospital lighting,human lighting,office lighting

  • Comply with IEC 62386 DALI-2, Part 101/103 regulations, and can be used with devices that comply with Part 207(DT6)/208/209(DT8)/301/302/303/304 regulations.
  • 2 sets of independent DALI-2 buses, which can be connected to Control Gear and Input Device for use together.
  • 4-way programmable relay, contact point capacity 5A, can be used as an electrical switch or two sets of electric curtains.
  • Can be used with DLC software for on-site system settings or through network cables to modify settings remotely.
  • On-body LCD display and control buttons for easy setting.

keywordsDALI-2 digital lighting controller, can be used with various DALI-2 peripheral products