Purpose of establishment

  1. Combining LED lighting related professionals from the industry, research institutes and academia to establish an industry exchange and cooperation platform, create business opportunities, promote industry and international cooperation, and achieve the goal of sustainable development of the LED lighting industry.
  2. Promote the vertical integration of the LED lighting industry, accelerate international and cross-strait industrial cooperation, grasp the development trends of global industries and standards, and pay attention to the development and application of innovative technologies for LED lighting systems.
  3. Establish an effective communication and cooperation platform. With the division of labor and cooperation, resource sharing, and policy support of the alliance members, we will jointly create a bright future for Taiwan's LED lighting industry, and face the challenges of international manufacturers and the fierce competition in the global market.

Alliance task

  1. Integrate upstream and downstream technologies of LED street lamps to build an industrial chain of LED street lamps.
  2. Strengthen cross-strait and domestic and foreign industry-university-research interaction and integration, promote LED street lamp technology exchanges and alliances, and jointly promote LED street lamp industry innovation technology and application development.
  3. Grasp the latest developments in international standards and regulations, and promote the internationalization of LED street lamp standards in Taiwan.
  4. Combining the credible LED lighting product testing and verification laboratories on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, establish a database of LED street lighting products at home and abroad to compare product specifications.
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